Welcome to the home of Surfing Cowboys Polo and Racing

The Murphy Family are passionate about breeding the best and highest quality polo and performance horses

and are proud of our heritage and performance record.

From selling our horses to the queens men and playing for Australia we are proud of our horsemanship.

The Murphy Family have been polo players, breeders and horse enthusiasts for over 35 years.

Our passion for creating the highest quality performance horses is unmatched.

With over 40 horses over 2 unique properties we are seriously dedicated to breeding, training and developing high quality

performance horses for all disciplines - Polo, Racing, Breeding, Horsemanship...

'Archerfield Farm' on the banks of the famous Hawkesbury River in Richmond, NSW is the breeding operation.

'SugarBeach Ranch' is on the sands of the Pacific Ocean and is used for training and breaking in horses.

Our Head Cowboy is the mastermind CM Murphy and brings to the team his incredible eye in seeing talent.

We aim to provide you with pony club horses with Ferrari engines.... 

Our genetics include Australia's polo royalty...


Stallions at Stud:

Ellerston Hermitage 

BP Australia


BP Krystal 

BP Jamaica 

Ellerston Cuddles

Ellerston Goddess

Ellerston Mirage


CC Squeeze

BP Rocco

plus many more... 

Contact Us 

If you are looking for a pony club pony with a Ferrari engine then contact us today and we will discuss your requirements and get to work on finding you a suitable match.

For further information on any of our horses, training techniques or upcoming tournaments and events please email us...   stevey@surfingcowboysevents.com

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