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Sire: Riverkid | Dam: Eurella Trinkett
Foaled: 2010

Charm is a stunning mare with her mothers power and grace. Eurella Trinkett was an award winning pony. Winning best playing pony under Jack ‘Ruki’ Baillieu at the Adelaide Cup.

Charm also recently played in the 2017 World Polo Championships in Sydney.
Charm also played 2 chukkas at the 2018 Magic Millions Polo with Alec White
Eve ​
Sire: Riverkid | Dam: Rocco
Foaled: 31st December 2013
A young super star in the making!

Eve made her debut in the 4 goal in the 2017 spring and played like a seasoned horse. With the same amazing agility as her full sister Coco she was able to create plays well beyond her age of 4.

Nacho Figueras played her at the 2018 Magic Millions Polo and commented on her future potential.
Gee Gee

Sire: Riverkid | Dam: Desert Bouquet (Racey)
Foaled: September 2010
Gee Gee is a very fast mare that has played a few seasons on 0 and 4 goal and has done lots of farm chukkas, she will be playing the 4 goal this coming QLD season.

She has thrown to the Thoroughbred line more so than the stock horse side and would suit an intermediate or experienced rider to add into their string for a great top up.
February $11,000

Sire: Riverkid | Dam: Sirocco
Foaled: February 2015
A super model and super star all in one.

This little mare will mature into a strong stunning mare. She has the moves, the mind and the look!
At only 3 she is showing signs of a star in the making. During her training program of stick and balling she has taken to it like an old horse and will make her debut this coming May in the Qld polo season.

Sire: Australia | Dam: Layla
Foaled: 114th March 2015
Sugar has the great ASH breeding of her mother, going back to the great lines of Abbey, Star Black Minstril, Bobbie Bruce and Scrumlo Victory. Sugars bloodlines have excelled at Campdrafting and Polocrosse, her Dams line have won the largest campdrafts in the country and are excelling at the numerous Stock Horse sales Scrumlo Victory filly selling for $71000

Sire: Australia | Dam: Morocco
Foaled: October 2014
Smash is the first foal to play polo by our stallion Australia and what a start!

He played at the Magic Millions polo under Jack Kiely and he was amazing.

A very nice natured horse with great breeding and so much natural ability, he will go a long way. Smash will play this season in QLD.

Sire: Cresse | Dam: LeCarge
Bay Mare
Foaled: 2010
Casanova is a big strong, fast horse.

He has played all high goal polo in Australia under Kelvin Johnson, a very handy horse with a lot of power.

Casanova would be good for someone wanting to top up their string with an experienced horse.

Would suit a pro or experienced rider/player.

Sire: Riverkid | Dam: Cinnamon Girl (aka Black Betty)
Foaled: August 2015
Spice is a cool calm character that has broken in well and is sticking and balling like an old horse.
Spice has the great Riverkid as his sire and Cinnamon on the Dam side, he is a stunning horse combining both his parents good looks and attributes.

He is a very soft mouthed horse with a big future ahead of him.
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Sire: Cigar | Dam: Squeeze
Foaled: August 2016
Foxtrot is a very elegant gelding that has thrown that real stock horse look.

His genetics are very strong on both sides with Cigar, a champion sire and his mother Squeeze was a super little polo pony playing from 3 years until the of age till 16.
Squeeze is by Patto out of Sequel - who was a champion pony of yesteryear. Squeeze won numerous champion pony awards

Sire: Cigar | Dam: Minnie
Foaled: August 2016
Frankie is a very well put together sensible filly with a lot of Spunk.
She has just been broken in and stick and balled very well. Her mother was a super tough high goal mare.
Frankie will grow into a strong mare with a lot of scope.
SOLD_ Good Friday
Good Friday

Hermitage x Sarena
Born 14th April 2017 Weaned November 2017

Handled - basic halter training, trimmed, wormed etc

Amazing Grace

Hermitage x Goddess
Born 15th May 2017 (surviving twin)
Weaned November 2017

Handled - basic halter training, trimmed,
wormed etc


Hermitage x Marakesh
Born 11th December 2017
Weaned 19th June 2018

Handled - basic halter training, trimmed,
wormed etc


Hermitage x Fantasy
Born 16th December 2017 Weaned 19th June 2018

Handled - basic halter training, trimmed,
wormed etc

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