Sugar Beach Autumn Polo Weekend

Sugar Beach Ranch

Saturday 21st and 22nd April 2018

The rain may have dampened the field, but it didn't ruin the fun and frovolity of the weekend. With 4 teams of 3 players each taking to the field on Saturday afternoon there was a competitive spirit among the players. 

The storm loomed and finally arrived just as dinner preparations were underway. A quick relocation and an intimate dining setting was set up in 'The Polo Den'. 

Unfortunately the rain cancelled play on the Sunday.... so the Surfing Cowboys found a new way to have FUN - CLICK HERE TO WATCH 


Bluesky White

- Rachael Carr

- Bauti Yelos

- Sophie Storey

Bluesky Blue

- Marty Leacy

- Sandie Cha

- Scott Smith 

Wiltshire White

- Nick Mulder 

- Simon Skerrett

- Justin Couper

Wiltshire Blue 

- Nick Arena

- Andrew Wiltshire

- Morgan Ruig

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